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Deniz Unal



clay, metal

Deniz Unal was the first artist to perform at feeelings hardly two days after the opening in January 2017. She organised what she called EAIC: Edible Amulet Ingestion Ceremony. During this dinner -hosted by her and two of her assistants, Rouge Rouge and Gigi- people were invited to eat, listen to some selected readings, songs and eventually to make a wish that she offered to heal by giving an edible amulet of her choice. Mine was‘I wish I were more confident’, and in a graceful ceremony she gave me what look like a beautiful uncanny stone, telling me that this amulet would help me in my search of assurance. Beyond this surfacing and cheesy idea of magic thoughts, Deniz unveils some paths and seems to invite us, in her very own generous way, to question through what and whom we live. Collectively and individually speaking. She also displayed within the space few small sculptures/jewellery scattered in the shop, non-edible this time, that functions as talismans or amulets carrying strongly this still ambiguous magic use.

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