Control Season 3 

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Liv Schulman

Control Season 3


Limited DVD edition

This is a succulent DVD edition of the third and latest season of Liv’s TV show Control.  In all the episodes the main character is a detective, the way we know it : a long beige trench-coat draping its paranoid yet clear-sighted mind. Nothing overwhelming so far. This same character is played by diverse actors of different gender, age range and employing different languages. Shot in various locations in Rennes (France) along as Tel Aviv (Israel), the episodes are either in Spanish or Hebrew and subtitled in English. Is your head spinning yet ? Well, this is the world we live in, Honey. Here s/he comes, walking, sometimes crawling toward us, occasionally sweating yet always sensually merging with the material environment. The detective deploys an overflowing monologue that constructs and promptly deconstructs its own theory disclosing a new groundbreaking understanding of the world which oddly appears to have been kept secret so far. Hyper-capitalism, neoliberalism, psychoanalysis are now to be seen in regards of astrology, Arte Povera, cab drivers and a large quantity of exquisite deadpan humor.

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