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Gaëlle Choisne



rubber, copper, milk, pump system

Hevea is a fountain in where milk flows. You’ll have to change the milk, wash it, nourish it with new milk, you’ll have to care for the fountain as it will permanently threat to become putrid. You’ll have to get closer to it, you’ll have to think about it even when afar. On the other days you’ll be able to hear its zen sound and stare at the foamy milk. The rubber farming routine of milking the trees, condensing the milky substance into blocks looks surreal to say the least and very animal. Rubber is naturally produced by rubber trees and cultivated by humans in tremendous quantity obviously greatly endangering a geo-political equilibrium. The extant of the the rubber production is concomitant to the expansion of our material environment. This is Gaëlle love triangle between fascination-attraction, repulsion and action.

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