Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind

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Ghislain Amar

Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind


Book, English or French version Peach edition

One day, Ghislain Amar found in his childhood attic stored in an old cardboard a strange play called ‘Iphigénie, une fille pour le vent’. Excited about this discovery, it appeared that the text was an adapted and shortened version of the eponymous Euripide’s tragedy written by his father. French literature professor in High School at his time, he went passionately through the original play, took the flesh out of it and started working with his students aiming to revive their inner appetite of theatre. Through Peach, the artist-run space and House Publishing in Rotterdam he co-heads with Anna Maria Luczak, Ghislain translated and printed his father version and thought it would also be a great opportunity to organise a workshop about the Agamemnon’s sacrificed girl story.From this workshop’s images he did, Ghislain printed them out on fabric, painted and framed them to depict the merciless and destitute characters of this tragedy. Isn’t tragedy about transmission?

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