Friend’s Jobs

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Jane Fawcett

Friend’s Jobs



When studying together with Jane, I remember something in the air about finding the inner economy or balance in one’s practice. Surprisingly, what kept us busy most of the time since then was to maintain this very practice which happened to be very often unpaid and it then certainly made concrete sense to find its inner economy because it wasn’t coming from any external entities. Friends Jobs started as a magazine edited by Jane Fawcett whom presents herself as the friend and the editor. Jane is an artist. Jane has friends, sometimes also artists. This magazine compiles several texts and images of the editor’s friends relating to their primary or secondary job. One being unpaid and the other one being paid and therefore supposed to nourish the other one. The authors converse about this precarious equilibrium of having a job (paid), having a practice (unpaid), having a life(debit), having some friends (cooperative). This doesn’t sound too bad. But it is quite something to combine them all. Friends Jobs is also now a bar where any of the above activities are incorporated in the same organism.

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