Soubumbra lamps

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Audrey Gleizes and Maya de Mondragon

Soubumbra lamps

120€, edition of 6

concrete, lamp, plastic pipe

On the occasion of the performance Soubumbra – Blind Spot Mirror at feeelings in April 2017, Audrey Gleizes and Maya de Mondragon worked together for the first time. They collected and confirmed their commun inclination for mysterious and indomitable elements; sea, wind, sunlight, nights.Or the beauty of a text by Victor Hugo, The Toilers of The Sea. Everything passes by. And what remain for Audrey and Maya are delicate objects and thoughts, volatile remnants. Lamps as majestic as wild flowers, ephemeral tattoos spreading Victor Hugo’s extracts or fabric hangings outlined with bleached figures.

“Did he understand?


Did he feel it?


Soubumbra, Victor Hugo

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