The Great mirror of Folly Cardgame

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Toon Fibbe

The Great mirror of Folly Cardgame


 printed paper, cardboard

In 1720 a book emerged in the Netherlands from the first international stock market crisis in history. Translated asThe Great Mirror of Folly it includes a rich and mesmerizing imagery of traders being blown up their asses by devils to the point that it makes them puke bills. The book is quite cheeky and also includes games. Here Toon Fibbe reproduced a metaphorically charged deck of cards designed for The Great Mirror of Folly. For this purpose he made a box in where you will find indications to play both Lanterloo and Speculation that are original and popular gambling games played at that time, as well as a letter from Toon introducing you in more depths to this financial crisis and the character of John Law- the bank wizard at the origin of it all. On a great cold night, Toon held a gaming table at feeelings where we gambled, played and call the spirit of John Law, who never came.

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